Amanda Hall, Vice President & Marketing Director                                           My Daughter’s First Christmas is a special memory for me!

I have perfect Christmas memories from my childhood. Straight from a movie, my family all came together every year for fellowship and Christmas cheer. Adults cooked and baked and chatted. Kiddos shook presents and laid under the Christmas tree looking at the lights. With this in mind, I was excited for my daughter Avenly’s first Christmas.

Leading up to Christmas 2012, Avenly was a 6 month old giggly, curious, rolly-polly angel. I just knew this was the perfect time for her to discover the joy of Christmas and experience the same wonderful traditions I had. Unfortunately, when the final days came around, trying to coordinate family schedules and get everyone together fell apart. I was bummed, thinking somehow this would diminish my child’s experience.

Nonsense! Watching Avenly attempt to open presents and then get more excited about the box they came in was all I needed to be reminded about the true meaning of Christmas. Praising God for the gift of His son and the blessing of my daughter, I will forever remember Avenly’s first Christmas as the beginning of a new tradition: A time when my little family remembers the ‘reason for the season’ and loves, laughs and lives for the JOY this time of year brings.

Amanda's memory

I loved posting about this memory as much as I am sure that you enjoyed it! I love you Amanda!

More memories to come!
Rolling on, Stephanie