So very thankful!

I have not written in this blog for quite some time, and just the other day a friend of mine was asking me about Camp Craig Allen and asking me if I was the blog writer anymore or what if anything they were up to? That lit a fire under my butt to say something!

Camp Craig Allen has had to put a hold on all programs, and fundraising until Covid lets up, but we are still here and have no plans to go anywhere! I am still the blog writer and have no plans of going anywhere anytime soon, so you are stuck with me!

I do have a couple of things to tell you about! During this 3 quarter of 2020, Texas Health Council chose Camp Craig Allen as their philanthropic cause to partner with (they actually choose CCA in 2019 for the 3rd Quarter of 2020). So for the past 3 months they have collected 400 health kits for Camp Craig Allen for anyone that has a disability in which we serve. The health kits are a reusable bag donate 5 meals. D by Baylor Scott & White, and from the council are filled with individual hand sanitizers, box of latex free gloves, full can of anti wipes and each bag has a hand written card! Major kudos to each of them! So Camp Craig Allen will be sending those out in the next several months for delivery! If anyone has a disability in their household and would like one we will make it happen! Please send your address to

Don’t forget about the Amazon Smile campaign that is ongoing. With black Fri. quickly approaching there are certain to be some big deals on their! Also throughout the whole month of Dec. By going to a percentage of the sales will go directly to help Camp Craig Allen! Many thanks go to you for that!

I hope that everyone has a safe and Happy Thanksgiving!

Gobble On, Stephanie

Cute sitting sloth with pumpkin. Thanksgiving Day design

As the years go by…

It is the 13th year mark of when Camp Craig Allen was founded (3-22-2007)! I cannot believe it and that is exciting! I look forward to seeing what is going to take place as there have been so many great times in the past!

You can continue shopping online by using AmazonSmile they will give a portion of the proceeds back to Camp Craig Allen! I just got something the other day on Amazon Smile, and I will admit I did feel guilty for getting something during this time. But time keeps going on. So if you have something that you need or want Amazon is the place to get it:!

Be careful, be cautious, and be safe!
Rolling on, Stephanie

It’s the most wonderful time of the year!

78945469_4297683643590706_7134447815509409792_oCamp Craig Allen has had many blessings this year, and are wanting to give back with a party to show support for the families they serve, and the many volunteers that have helped us out this year! Saturday, Dec 21 2019 from 10 AM-1 PM the cheer will begin!! It will be at the Verona Villa which is located at 6591 Dallas Pkwy., Frisco, TX 75034. There will be a potato bar lunch, Santa’s workshop for all of wonderful activities, and all along with a surprise visit from Santa himself! Hope everyone gets to make it!

I am very saddened that I will not be able to be there as I have my Christmas with my family in OK, however looking forward to hearing and seeing pictures all about it! Sounds like a blast!

Rolling on, Stephanie


Where does the time go!

8 am just going to close my eyes for a minute, and PUFF, the next thing you know you have lost a month! So I have a couple of things I would like to share with you for the remainder of the year, as I do not want anything to pass me by.

1st of all my apologies for not mentioning about the BBQ that was in Oct right after it happened. All went well! It was mega cold on Fri., but I still made it along with my caregiver. We enjoyed the awesome BBQ dinner! Saturday was all about the kids corral, and the weather cooperated a lot better! $35,000 was raised for the weekend! Awesome work!

Mon is Veterans Day! A day to thank you thank on those vets who sacrificed themselves so that we can live in this wonderful country! Camp Craig Allen not only supports veterans, but also helps them! Glen Bentley is one of the board members who is also a veteran. So thank you very much for your service Glen! I have several family and friends who have served! Thank you to all! It brings tears to my eyes to think about it!

I know that we are not ready to start hearing about this yet, but The holidays are upon us. If we close our eyes for just a minute we know what will happen!! Then you will be rushing around on Christmas Eve trying to find those picked over gifts where you end up getting uncle Ralph some Rudolph tighty whitey’s because that is all they had left! As a matter of fact you can do your Christmas shopping in your underwear if you would like! You can get it done much in advance with Amazon smile! This will make everyone smile!! Some of the proceeds will go directly back to Camp Craig Allen! Here is the link:! No extra cost, No stress!!

On Dec 13-15 there is going to be the 1st ever Abilities Expo right here in Dallas! I am so excited to get to go as I have been to the one in Houston before, and it is awesome! They have the latest and greatest stuff out there for people with disabilities! It is a 3 day event going on from the 11 AM-5 PM! It will be at the Dallas Market Center which is located at 2100 Stemmons Freeway, Dallas, TX 75207. Camp Craig Allen will be there manning a booth, so if you would like to come out and volunteer the help would be greatly appreciated! You can contact Dawn at and she will hook you up!

If I don’t happen to roll on by to say hi before the beginning of the year have a good and safe one! Happy Thanksgiving and Merry Christmas!

Rolling on, Stephanie

Can you smell the BBQ?

CCA BBQ flyer

As the date gets closer and closer the smell of BBQ draws near! So if you have not gotten your tickets as of yet let this be a reminder for you. Oct 11-12 is not to be missed! You can come Fri. evening (18 or older) for the dinner, dancing, casino, and more for just $25! That’s a steal! And swing by with the whole family on Saturday from 10 AM-7:30 PM to sample all of the awesome BBQ you can eat while listening to some live music, great vendors, a silent auction, take your kids to the kids corral for just $10! And that is another steal the Toyota Stadium in Frisco Texas is the place to be. If you can it is suggested to get your tickets online due to lines waiting at the gate!!

2019 Schedule of Events

Also, be sure to check out good morning Texas on Oct 3 on ABC to see some of our great BBQ teams trying to compete against one another that morning!  I already have my DVR set in case I miss it!

And if for some reason you can’t make it you can always donate by using A text. Text CCABBQ directly to 443-21, it’s super easy!

Rolling on, Stephanie

Just a month away!

In just a month the 12th annual BBQ & Music Fest will be going on at Toyota Stadium in Frisco Texas. I actually got my tickets for Fri. night (5-11 PM) and for Saturday (10 AM-7:30 PM)! I am so excited!! On Saturday from 11 AM-6:30 PM I am going to be one of the kids corral coordinators along with the lovely Sarah! There will be games, face painting, goodies, and prizes! So please be sure to bring your kiddos by our tent! They are sure to be entertained. If you feel like volunteering, being a vendor, a sponsor, or just stopping by to listen to the live music and eat some awesome BBQ! You can go to for all of the details! See you next month!


Rolling on, Stephanie

It’s BBQ time!

did somebody say BB

It’s that time again, time to get ready for some awesome BBQ! Oct 11-12 is the 12th annual BBQ & MusicFest! Be sure to check out to get all the details about that weekend. I will be volunteering for the kids corral that Saturday so if you are there stop by to say hi and bring a kiddo with you to enjoy! So volunteer, be a BBQ team (it would give me great pleasure to try some of your BBQ!), or just come out! Being at the BBQ is like being around one big family, and you can never have too much family! So please come! Praying for no monsoons like last year!  Camp Craig Allen will be going live on the Good Morning Texas Oct 3, so be sure to tune in and show your support for this wonderful organization!


Rolling on, Stephanie

Father’s Day is coming!

Next Sun, the 16th is Father’s Day!! Being a father is more than just blood it is someone that loves and cares about you! Not knowing what to get him? I do! What guy does not like to slap some meat on the grill for a BBQ? Register him and his friends at this year’s BBQ for $75! You will not regret it!


Rolling on, Stephanie

2019 Ms. Wheelchair Texas!!

Being a contestant in the Ms. Wheelchair Texas pageant seemed only fitting for Lauren Taylor since being in a wheelchair is all she has ever known. Lauren was born with Congenital Muscular Dystrophy, and had her 1st power wheelchair at the age of 3.

Lauren has been an inspiration to many throughout her younger years. She did graduate with her Bachelors from UNT in Rehabilitation Studies in Dec 2018. She is currently continuing on to get her Masters in Rehab Counseling where she plans to get her LPC as she wants to be a counselor specializing in people with physical disabilities. She will graduate in May 2021.

While in Houston earlier this month for the 2019 Ms. Wheelchair Texas Pageant for platform speech was the Universal Design as the solution for inclusion. Making places usable for everyone rather than separately accessible for a few. What an awesome platform! Her favorite part of the competition was getting to learn and meet everyone’s different backgrounds, and their own advocacy ventures. She definitely made some lasting friendships and wonderful memories while there. Out of the other contestants who were there competing for the title she won !! There was never any doubt in my mind!


She is planning to introduce Universal Design to places and people across Texas in an attempt to help people see how something so simple can make a world of difference for people with disabilities. She want to change people’s mindsets on what a disability is and looks like you. She wants to inspire change in our environments and communities. She plans on visiting our governor and state legislators to help solidify more specific guidelines and for new infrastructure to include a design for disability 1st and will so that these commendations won’t have to be made later on.

Ms. Wheelchair America 2019 will be held in Little Rock Arkansas on July 1-6!! She is so excited, and cannot wait to interact with the many powerful women! Hopefully she will be bringing the crown back to Texas! Good luck Lauren!!

Rolling on, Stephanie