June 2013’s camp session group!

June 2013 Camp Group Photo

In case you missed it, June 2013’s camp was a whole lotta fun! There were lots of things to keep us occupied at June’s camp.  Aside from the camper’s insatiable, competitive fishing excursions, they did other activities like remote control cars (complete with a slalom course), arts and crafts, flying indoor drones, and the highlight of the camp….life-size Jenga!   Yes you heard it right.  This Jenga set is huge and is made out of 18″ long 2×4 pieces.  There were some tense contests between many of the campers.  The exciting thing about Camp Craig Allen’s version of Jenga is that the campers took time to write questions on each and every block.  These questions are designed to educate, enlighten, and advocate for the physically disabled community.  Such interesting questions included everything from “What is the ADA and when was it adopted?” to “Can disabled people have children?”  Look for this monster game at our 7th Annual CCA BBQ….yep it’s hittin’ the streets for a road trip!

Here are some pictures of the action packed competition!

SAVE THE DATES! ***7th Annual BBQ Cook Off Sept 27& 28th 2013***

Upcoming camp reminder!  In less than a week, during July 26 – July 28, 2013 will be our July reunion camp!  We look forward to seeing everyone that signed up.  I’ll be there and if the sky is clear I plan on bringing my telescope.  This time of year we should be able to see Saturn around 10pm on Friday and Saturday and the moon an hour or two later.  If you’ve never seen the moon through a telescope, it is something to behold!  We will also have fishing for those brave souls that can handle the heat, a Spa Day on Saturday, July 27th from 1-5pm in the Dining Hall, and other activities like life-size Jenga and art and crafts for those who want to beat the heat indoors.  Saturday at 6pm there will be a hamburger cook-out by the pool.  If you tried the hamburgers at last camp, they were fantastic!  See you there!