Hello and welcome back to the Camp Craig Allen blog! After a year long(ish) hiatus, we’re rolling again! YAY! This post will probably be a bit longer than most as we have a lot to catch up on… Stay with me and you won’t be disappointed.

Here’s the thing, hopefully-soon-to-be-loyal-readers: Camp Craig Allen is about nothing if it’s not about love and the personal journey that transforms you from within. I can say this with absolute certainty because that’s exactly what happened to me. I thought I was taking an event coordinating internship, but God, Dawn and Camp Craig Allen intervened. This is by no means a personal blog, but Camp Craig Allen has become so personal to me that there’s no way I CAN’T NOT write it from my own perspective. (Don’t worry—double negatives will rarely rear their ugly heads!) That being said, let me introduce myself! Hello, I’m Liz! I’m a twenty-something year old that recently graduated from college with a Bachelors of Science in Hospitality Management. Dawn recruited me in May to help with the BBQ and now I’m completely and totally addicted to Camp Craig Allen and everything about it. (The full story of how I got involved is really quite amazing, by no doing of my own. E-mail me if you’re curious. I’m always down to get to know more friends!)

Now that you know who this elusive “me” is that I’ll probably mention from time to time, let’s get down to what you’re really here for: the awesome organization that is Camp Craig Allen! A lot has happened in the past month, let alone the past year!

 We’ve been holding camp sessions at our camp down in Anna, Texas. As always, those are phenomenal! Right now we’re gearing up for October camp (October 26-28) and Christmas Camp (December 7-9). These are bound to be fantastic!!!!

We’ve been laying the foundations for building our own camp facilities (and much, much more!) from the ground up. This is something we’re all working very hard on and praying very hard about. This would be an incredible way to promote the visibility and accessibility of our organization and touch so many more lives! 

We just celebrated our 6th Annual BBQ Cook-Off and Fundraiser at Bass Pro Shop in Grapevine, TX September 7th and 8th. Oh my goodness, was that fun…and mouth-watering! So many wonderful people came out to help, whether they were cooking, volunteering, or eating—everyone chipped in and did their part! In a freak weather surge that we affectionately dubbed “Hurricane Craig”, we almost lost the whole BBQ site in the middle of the night before the cook-off. Despite ridiculous winds that had fences blowing onto people and slamming into cars, though, we were able to surpass our fundraising goal!!!

Speaking of fundraising… a little thing called an Angel Donor stopped by the Camp Craig Allen office last week. Yes, you read that correctly: ANGEL DONOR—something we’ve spent years praying for.

Oh darn! Look at the time. I think I should wrap this up; it’s getting rather long. What’s that you say? I can’t just drop news like that and leave you hanging? Well, I’ll guess you’ll just have to stay tuned!

Until next time, fellow Camp Craig Allen enthusiasts!