8 am just going to close my eyes for a minute, and PUFF, the next thing you know you have lost a month! So I have a couple of things I would like to share with you for the remainder of the year, as I do not want anything to pass me by.

1st of all my apologies for not mentioning about the BBQ that was in Oct right after it happened. All went well! It was mega cold on Fri., but I still made it along with my caregiver. We enjoyed the awesome BBQ dinner! Saturday was all about the kids corral, and the weather cooperated a lot better! $35,000 was raised for the weekend! Awesome work!

Mon is Veterans Day! A day to thank you thank on those vets who sacrificed themselves so that we can live in this wonderful country! Camp Craig Allen not only supports veterans, but also helps them! Glen Bentley is one of the board members who is also a veteran. So thank you very much for your service Glen! I have several family and friends who have served! Thank you to all! It brings tears to my eyes to think about it!

I know that we are not ready to start hearing about this yet, but The holidays are upon us. If we close our eyes for just a minute we know what will happen!! Then you will be rushing around on Christmas Eve trying to find those picked over gifts where you end up getting uncle Ralph some Rudolph tighty whitey’s because that is all they had left! As a matter of fact you can do your Christmas shopping in your underwear if you would like! You can get it done much in advance with Amazon smile! This will make everyone smile!! Some of the proceeds will go directly back to Camp Craig Allen! Here is the link: http://www.smile.Amazon.com! No extra cost, No stress!!

On Dec 13-15 there is going to be the 1st ever Abilities Expo right here in Dallas! I am so excited to get to go as I have been to the one in Houston before, and it is awesome! They have the latest and greatest stuff out there for people with disabilities! It is a 3 day event going on from the 11 AM-5 PM! It will be at the Dallas Market Center which is located at 2100 Stemmons Freeway, Dallas, TX 75207. Camp Craig Allen will be there manning a booth, so if you would like to come out and volunteer the help would be greatly appreciated! You can contact Dawn at dawn@campcraigallen.org and she will hook you up!

If I don’t happen to roll on by to say hi before the beginning of the year have a good and safe one! Happy Thanksgiving and Merry Christmas!

Rolling on, Stephanie