did somebody say BB

It’s that time again, time to get ready for some awesome BBQ! Oct 11-12 is the 12th annual BBQ & MusicFest! Be sure to check out http://www.campcraigallen.org/bbq to get all the details about that weekend. I will be volunteering for the kids corral that Saturday so if you are there stop by to say hi and bring a kiddo with you to enjoy! So volunteer, be a BBQ team (it would give me great pleasure to try some of your BBQ!), or just come out! Being at the BBQ is like being around one big family, and you can never have too much family! So please come! Praying for no monsoons like last year!  Camp Craig Allen will be going live on the Good Morning Texas Oct 3, so be sure to tune in and show your support for this wonderful organization!


Rolling on, Stephanie