It is ALL happening this Sun, July 22! Turning point is here this summer with activities for those of us with physical disabilities to TRY, but at a new location which is Cedar Hill Park (entry to park is free when announcing that you are there for the Tri-ALL-athon) along with the new date! Check out the activities you will be able to TRY! Waterskiing, jet skiing, sailing, kayaking, tubing, pontoon boat rides, and hand cycling both on and off ramps!! I do not know anywhere else where these things cannot be tried in one day!! When you do TRY an activity you will be entered into a drawing for a raffle prize! There will be lunch, and snow cones served ALL day long. Camp Craig Allen will be there as a collaborative partner with a COLD wet towel station! So bring your bathing suit, sunscreen and be prepared to have tons of fun!

For more information and details on the location go to!

Rolling on, Stephanie