Do not worry about the rush of traffic, the mad rush of people, standing in lines, getting picked over products, paying too much, and having to get dressed to go! Just go to to get everything and more for your Christmas list. By doing this you will also Be Supporting Camp Craig Allen! There is nothing that you have to do and no extra money you have to spend! And you can do this all from home, even in your underwear! Just do not let me know if you do it only in your underwear, LOL!

I think I have completed everything that was going to get, and I even got a couple of things I wanted! I am an easy person to get for. I just tell everyone to give me had an Amazon gift card and I will get what I need or want if I have not already! Then make a point to spend time with them to show them what they got you with the gift card! Maybe they are a family member that you do not know very well, and this could be a way to get to know them better!

Gobble on, Stephanie