So it is what it is, and I just felt like talking about nothing serious or political because if you are like me there is more than our share! I know that in the stats of this blog it shows that there are readers, and for that I am blessed! Shows that I am not horrible at the writing (I hope)! Since I started taking over this blog (good grief, I cannot remember exactly when) when Chris Fish passed the torch onto me. I think that a lot of the readers were already following because there have not been many new followers. Not many people like the blog or comment, so here is my challenge: If you are reading this blog right now click the like button, or give me a comment. This would make me smile:)

While we are all here:) let me tell you what is going on in the world of Camp Craig Allen! This 2017-radio-showTue, March 28 12-1 PM on KVGI Internet radio Amanda Hall and Dawn Cruzan will be hosting Frisco HOPE! It is very easy to get this app, and you can listen anywhere! They also do faceinadio which is Facebook + Internet radio which is live while they are on the air. You can ask questions or just let them know that you are there. This is on Dawn Cruzan’s page. Same time, and if you are not able to listen during the live airings you can always catch them later. That even means faceinadio! I am not able to listen during that time as I have therapy, but I will say that I look so forward to watching faceinadio on my Kindle fire later! Amanda and Dawn are so cute on camera and their voices are great! So I encourage you if you have not listened to them on KVGI radio or watch them on faceinadio you are missing out! They have special guests sometimes, and sometimes they just have news about what is going on! You can also catch any of these airings at any time.  This would make me smile:)

The next event I want to talk about is happening on the First Fri. in Frisco (say that fast 10 first-fridays-in-friscotimes!) At Stan’s on Main Street in Frisco! For those of you whose mind is not working and you do not have a calendar in front of you that would be Fri., April 7 from 5-7 PM they will be giving 10% of their food back to Camp Craig Allen! I have heard they have totally awesome food! They will also be a Lucky puck’s tournament! Not really sure how that game goes, but yes I am interested! Heard there is a cash prize involved! I am planning to make it out for this one, and so should you! If I decide to make it on the first Fri. of ery month this will be happening! Hope to see you there!  Planning to be there, Spend time with my Camp Craig Allen family ‘n friends,and be involved will definitely make me smile:)

Don’t forget that you can always go to our friends at Amazon and participate in the Amazon smile program. By going to and putting in our charity Amazon will give a percentage to them. It is that easy! I am very surprised at the money I have generated so

Don’t hesitate! Amazon has everything you could ever want, at a good quality as I have never gotten anything from there that was not good , and it is all for a fraction of the price! And no they are not paying me for this glorious plug that I am giving them! Although, It will not only make Camp Craig Allen smile:) but it will also make me smile:)

What do thesehave in common? That is today’s question? Comment with your answer!

Rolling on, Stephanie

PS-thanks for just letting me ramble!