This past Tue (Valentine’s Day) was the first live show from Camp Craig Allen called, “Frisco HOPE!” It is on KVGI radio, you should get the app so that you can listen even on the go from 12 to 1 PM or any time! I have therapy every week during that time, but I am sure to check it out later! Also, for those of you who are on Facebook if you go to Dawn Cruzan’s page you can check out her and Amanda live as they are “faceinado,” as Dawn calls it! You can’t make comments and Dawn just may give you a shout out as they see your comment, in. I did watch the show later on their. Dawn cracks me up with the faces that she makes as you can tell that she is so excited! You can check that out every week as well.

I hope that everyone enjoys this beautiful weekend!

Rolling on, Stephanie