9 years ago today Camp Craig Allen was founded becoming a 501(c) 3 organization! Within those 9 years there have been good, bad, joyful, and sad times. We are all hoping for the main goal which is to start building Camp Craig Allen! Giving everyone with a physical disability the opportunity to be able to experience things that we thought were going to be impossible! I can hardly wait!

I was not a founding board member, however I did become one shortly after it was founded. In Sep 2007 as my friend Dawn Cruzan, Pres. of Camp Craig Allen, and I were catching up as we had not seen each other in a while when she passed me a business card and told me to go look up the website to see what she has been up to. So that is what I did! I was so taken back by what was happening, and got teary eyed! From that moment forward I definitely wanted to help out where I could, and be a part of this organization! So if for some reason this is the 1st time you have been on this blog, and would like to check out the website you can do so at http://www.campcraigallen.org! This is my hearts passion, and I not only love being part of this board but also being part of the Camp Craig Allen family! I have met some amazing people, and have done some amazing things because of Camp Craig Allen! I am enjoying being your blog writer, and thank you for reading! 

Rolling on, Stephanie