Friends and family!

Two of our Camp Craig Allen families lost their homes to the tornados two nights ago. We are covering them in prayers and praising God that they are safe, however, they are still devastated. Being a part of Camp Craig Allen, each family is dealing with loss of medical equipment and have special needs.. Some that most people would not think about.

Some of our board members/volunteers/friends are spending the day with them, trying to help in any way they can. The best support we can give them at the moment is by way of WALMART EGIFT CARDS. This will go a long way in helping them with food, clothes, gas, etc.

Should you find it in your hearts to help, please consider sending them egift cards, directly to their email-

Glen Bentley and wife Linda:

Catherine Jenkins and daughter, Amber:

Thank you for your prayers! We love our families and hurt when they are hurting.

By clicking this link you can go straight to the page:

Rolling on, Stephanie