Every time you shop at http://smile.amazon.com Amazon will give 0.5% of the sales to CCA 🙂 This is absolutely amazing especially for us folks who are unable to get out and do much shopping. Amazon has everything you could ever want, and the prices are not too shabby either🙂 See their I am already smiling! 🙂 I have already made a couple of purchases, and plan to make a few more for Christmas! Just to let you know one of the most excellent gifts(in my humble opinion) is a gift card from Amazon 🙂 This is so my peeps can get what they want instead of what you think & they would end up regifting at the next holiday party 🙂 Don’t act like you haven’t ever done that:) It is so easy breezy you can buy it and print it out on your computer:) If for someone you will not get to see them you can send it to them via email, no worries wasting money on a stamp:) You can never go wrong by doing this:) If this is something that you get this Christmas you can thank me later because who does not like to go shopping:) By giving to someone else you will also be giving to CCA, and it is perfectly fine to double dip on the giving:) It will make you feel good:)

Rolling Merry Christmas on, Stephanie:)