This coming Mon, Nov 23 is the final day to place your order for a Thanksgiving ham/turkey. You can find all the details you need in this flyer! I got mine ordered how about you? Go to to place the order. All of the proceeds go to help build Camp Craig Allen!

HAMS and TURKEYS for Thanksgiving 2015 v2

I am so very thankful for so many things in life right now. 1st and foremost I am thankful that I have God on my side, and I know that his love never fails!! I am so very thankful for the breath that I breathe! I am so very thankful to be a part of this wonderful board, and am so very thankful to our president Dawn Cruzan for her unwavering fight day in and day out to get Camp Craig Allen built! I know that is a common goal for each of us on the board! The list could go on and on! I hope that each and every one of you can find something to be thankful for during this time. Many hugs and much love!

happy Thanksgiving


Rolling on, Stephanie