With only 2 days left let’s “wrap” this party out on top for Camp Craig Allen!! I ordered mine today, and looking forward to getting them! Of course, some of them are going for Christmas presents! But don’t tell anyone, LOL! Weds., Sep 16 at 11:30 PM is when the party closes.

Here is the link: https://auntiemoose.jamberry.com/party/?uid=7702b939-7ad4-43e3-852b-5c992fe7fa55

Yes, I did make it to Lake Fest this past Saturday. I had a blast! I went waterskiing for the 4th time!! I have awesome pictures which I hope that sometime to be able to share on here. Ever since I upgraded to Windows 10 I have been lost and some of my stuff literally, ugh! I have uploaded my pictures from my camera lots, but now it is being incredibly difficult:( so I am checking with some of the other peeps who went to see if they got any. My plan to is to also go to CVS and make a picture CD. More than one way to skin a cat. And then I will write a blog about the happenings… Sound good?

Rolling on, Stephanie