Each year Camp Craig Allen sponsors one deserving lady to attend the Ms. Wheelchair Texas Leadership Conference and Gala in Houston, TX. The Conference and Gala happened to fall on Valentines weekend this year, it was sweet!! In year’s past Camp Craig Allen has sponsored Ms. Wheelchair Texas 2011, Amanda Hall, and Ms. Wheelchair Texas 2014, Laura Halvorson. This year we sponsored Racquel Flores. Racquel and her family are near and dear to our hearts and she is a wonderful candidate for such a beautiful organization. Camp Craig Allen and United Access were honored and proud to support Racquel in her journey. She did an amazing job at Ms. Wheelchair Texas with her platform on the importance of assistive technology. Although she did not win the crown she is now a Ms. Wheelchair Texas Ambassador and will advocate and spread her platform in North Texas. I am very proud of her and honored to call her my friend! She has been a big inspiration to me with the things that she has accomplished these past couple of years.This year’s title holder is Shelly Gray a lawyer from Austin, TX. This year we also sponsored the Little Miss Tea Party for young girls in wheelchairs where they enjoyed special valentines day treats, an ice cream sundae station, and games. It was a great time by all who went, and I know that new friendships were formed throughout this weekend!


Ms. Wheelchair Texas Ambassador 2015, Racquel Flores!


Shelly Gray, Ms. Wheelchair Texas 2015 & Racquel Flores, Ms. Wheelchair Texas Ambassador 2015!


Congratulations to all the ladies who were candidates in this amazing and oh so sweet weekend! The state of Texas will be represented well!

Rolling on, Stephanie