Because of the awesome generosity of Camp Craig Allen’s sponsor Community Portable X-Ray I was able to spend last Fri. night with 2 of my favorite friends, and my parents at the Platinum Suite for the Texas Legends basketball game in Frisco Texas.


Charlie forgot her selfie stick! But this is still one of my favorites! On the left is Anneliese, and the right is Charlie!


So everyone said let’s take a silly picture together… My dad photo bombing the picture through the rest of them off I guess!!

The games are held at the Dr Pepper arena! Because of it being in a suite food and soft drinks are included! I was very happy to know that they had diet Dr Pepper (most places do not carry Dr Pepper products, at least that has been my observation.)! Dr Pepper is my guilty pleasure!


So I am busted with the chocolate on the corner of my mouth!! Those were good cookies! All of the food and drinks were yummy!!

The facility was very nice and everyone was very helpful. The suite was posh! It even had 2 recliners in there! The great thing was that it is wheelchair accessible so I had no worries about not being able to see! I love being amongst the excitement of the crowd! Gets me pumped!


Even though we did not win this game against the Oklahoma City Blue it was neck and neck almost the entire game!

I know that this will not be my last time to enjoy a game. There are only 8 more games to attend before the season is over đŸ˜¦ Feb 28, March 11, March 12, March 14, March 21, Apr. 1, Apr. 3, & Apr. 4. So get your tickets now, you can check the event calendar on the website at for more details! If you are wanting to sign up so that you can get tickets are you have to do is directly email and let them know how many tickets you will need. The tickets are on a first-come first serve basis, so do not wait!

Thank you again Community Portable X-Ray I had a blast!


Rolling on, Stephanie