I am talking from experience when I say “DON’T EVERGIVE UP!” I wanted to share with you something that has been going on with me, it is something that has made that statement very true!

About 8 years ago I started seeing a PT named Cindy. She was the 1st and still is the only PT I have ever seen. I will admit, at 1st I was not fond of her. She has a very dramatic personality about the things that she does, and the people she sees. I have learned that it is who she is, and in no way is she being mean. Everything that she does is for my benefit. There are so many exercises that she has given me in the past that have made me think, “You want me to do what?” It has taken me 5 years to get down some of the exercises, and now I am exceeding even my expectations.  I cannot thank her enough for all that she has done, and will continue to do for me! She strives to keep making my life as independent as it can possibly be!

In August 2013 she had spoken to me about wanting me to try using a gait trainer (walker). I thought that she was completely out of her mind, and proceeded to not even talk to her about it. I had not walked in 20 years! She would bring it up on occasion and downright asked me about it. I told her that if she thought I could do it that I would try. She always says “There is no hurt in trying!” That is her answer to everything. So in March 2014 I got the gait trainer. The very 1st time I used it I took a couple of steps. I could not believe it, a very surreal moment for me. I had the goal of using it once a week, and walking across my living room and down the hallway twice with my PT helping me to step with the one leg while I straighten the other. I wasn’t able to make it once in the beginning. About these past 5 months I have not been able to use the gait trainer consistently. I have been having difficulties with high BS (Blood Sugar, LOL, diabetes) so it has not been a good idea for me to a exert the energy on the gait trainer. However, with the medicine that I am on and watching my carbs I have been doing great! I go back to the doctor tomorrow and he will check the blood work that I did last week that will show him an average of how my BS has been running for the past several months. Confident that it should be good! In August 2014 I had lost 25 pounds, so I have been trying to eat more protein! High BS is a symptom of my disability, my body is burning muscle instead of sugar, yeah me!  I am also having issues with my left ankle protruding and both of my feet turning in especially when I am weight bearing. I am going on Weds. to a new orthotic Doctor to see about getting me some new AFOs (leg braces), and repairing the 12 yr. old ones. I know that all of this will be a process as the program I am in will pay for the new ones. My PT wanted to show the orthotic Doctor a video of how my feet are acting while using the gait trainer. Before she started taking the video I asked the most important question of all,

“How’s my hair!”

She laughed, and told me that the video was only going to be of my feet, LOL! I knew that so she took this picture of me & my chicken legs, and shared it with me.

2015-1-15 gait trainer

I have no idea what the future holds for me and the gait trainer. The thing that I know that it will do for me if nothing else is to help me with my strength! There is one thing that I know I will never do is NEVER GIVE UP!!

Rolling on, Stephanie