So this past Saturday was the annual sports clinic in Arlington Texas! It was a very long day for me, but was totally worth it. Before I start discussing what all happened I could kick myself for forgetting my camera, ugh! Thank God for Dawn Cruzan and Laura Halvorson who did manage to get pictures. It all began at 9 AM as the clinic was boccia. I was very excited to learn to play this sport as I had never played it before. I think the turnout rate would have been better if it would have been in the afternoon, but to be able to fit in all of the clinics something had to be in the morning.


The little balls that were used to play were a little bigger than a Hakki sack. I could open my hand and grip them easily with my curled in fingers. They weren’t to heavy either. My biggest obstacle was getting the ball to land where I needed it, but I did not do too bad. I surprised myself! The goal of the game is to get your six colored balls closest to the white ball while keeping your opponents balls out of the way. At one time I played against a gentleman who did not have the ability to roll the ball with his hands so he used a ramp to let the ball go, and at one point he wore a helmet with a stick on it. He would use this stick to hold onto the ball, then let go on the ramp.  That opened my eyes to the fact that anything is possible!10556448_10204006540262192_4328329936893398573_n

This was the boccia coach, Mary, teaching us all how to play this strategic sport.


 Boccia is played in the Paralympic games! And these 2 gentleman were part of the USA Paralympic team for boccia! I played one game with the guy on the left, John, and he totally gave me a run for my money. Although, he did not get any he certainly did win. Very strategic player.

So that morning I definitely found my new love! Excited to get to play this again!

To learn more about how to play this game you can contact Mary Knudsen at her cell number which is 817-821-6727 or her e-mail which is Here is the web address for the Boccia International Sports Federation, click here. They are always looking for more warm bodies to play, so do not hesitate! I know that I am ready to play again!

Due to the safety of the athletes and myself I did not participate in the next 2 clinics which were Power Hockey and Power Soccer. I cannot hit the broadside of a barn, and if they needed someone to play demolition derby I could do that, LOL. I was an awesome cheerleader though!. The turnout for the wheelchair hockey was awesome! Some people were serious competitors and brought their own the hockey sticks!10494678_512860422179188_929238703438197543_n



We could barely all fit in the picture!

Click Here to see an awesome you tube video of them playing hockey!


This is one of my favorite pictures! Laura Halvorson, Ms. Wheelchair Texas 2014 leaving them all in their dust!

Camp Craig Allen has a North Texas Wheelchair Hockey League. For full contact information click here.


I know that there were more players than that, but I do know that there was a whole lot of subbing going on! Some people were probably on break or they were in the corner charging their chairs! Their chairs were sure given a workout, LOL! 


If you are interested and want to know more about power soccer you can contact Jc Russo by phone, text, or e-mail at 317-627-4224, “We do have our own world cup even though power soccer isn’t in the Paralympics yet,” exclaimed Russo. “But we are working on it!”

That was a fantastic day full of excitement!

Rolling on, Stephanie