Guess who is pinning on Pinterest?!

That would be Camp Craig Allen!  “Pin it” here.

I was asked several months ago to do a Pinterest page for Camp Craig Allen.  I will admit, this made me nervous. I mean, I am the 40-year-old girl who still has a flip phone, has no texting, and still sleeps with my glowworm! Okay so I am kidding about the glowworm, but I am pretty much old school when it comes to things that are tech-advanced since the millennium.  However, I am always up for a challenge so I did not hesitate to say “Okay”!

Pinterest first began in 2009. So I had never been on Pinterest before nor did I know how to use it! I had heard of it before but I just do not surf the web much due to my physical disability– I have poor mouse control and bad focus. I am usually a quick learner, but it takes a few times to get it down.  So of course I had some major help to get things started, thank you so much (You know who you are)! But I cannot forget my sidekick and co-coordinator in this, Racquel Flores! If it was not for her the Pinterest page would not look as put together. So go check it out, “pin it,” follow it, and invite all of your friends to follow it. And let me know how you like it? Feel free to leave comments. We’re always looking for ways to improve!

Speaking of pinning things, August 22-24 is the MD Reunion Camp session held at the Collin County Adventure Camp in Anna, Texas. If you are 18+ , and planning to go you will need to go register (Or pin yourself), register here. Registration deadline is August 8, but it is a good idea to hold your spot now because there are always a lot of peeps who come to this session! No, you do not have to have a form of MD to make it to this session. I love camp in the summer, because that means POOL TIME!! We are always looking for volunteers as well! So do not hesitate whether you are a new camper or volunteer!  I hope that you can make it, as I will be there for sure!

Rolling on, Stephanie