So several weeks ago (June 7) I went to the 24th Annual Extravaganza put on by Turning Point ( in Dallas. Several other organizations collaborated with Turning Point to put on this awesome event! There were tons of adaptive activities for those with physical disabilities despite their age or the level of disability. I had an absolute blast spending time with friends and trying sporting events. Of course, this event would not even be possible without the coordinators and staff at Turning Point! Thought I would share this lovely picture with one of the main coordinators who put on the event! Nance Powers, thank you for all of the hard work to make this event possible!


CAPTION: Nance Powers, and Ms. Wheelchair Texas 2014, Laura Halvorson.

I shall first mention my favorite organization: Camp Craig Allen,! Dawn Cruzan along with a crew of volunteers not only gave out information about the organization, but also had a wheelchair hockey challenge with the Motor Mavs Wheelchair Hockey team! Go Miles!Image

CAPTION: Miles getting prepared to take the steal!


Like what you see, want to see more, or quite candidly participate! Camp Craig Allen has the first-ever North Texas Wheelchair Hockey League and they are having practice every Sunday 3-5 PM, at The Edge Skate Park in Allen, Texas. Next, there will be a sports clinic (bocce ball, wheelchair hockey, and power soccer) all using your wheelchair. July 19 at UTA in Arlington Texas (I will go more into detail about this power clinic in the next post).  For more info you can go to

Minis and Friends of North Texas was also there. It is always a joy to get to pet and play with the Minis. Thanks Sharon Fuller and volunteers!


 CAPTION: I am so liking this shirt!


CAPTION: Is this not the cutest thing ever? Her and her chair is taller than the horse!

HANDBIKE’S!!, they are always going on bike trails. Looks like so much fun.

DSCF3292 - Copy - Copy - Copy - Copy - Copy - Copy - Copy - Copy

CAPTION: If you could see my face I was totally struggling! A friend of mine has two handbike’s and wants me to come see him and we go riding together! I am not too sure after this, however I probably will go because I love a challenge. The more I do it the easier it will be, but during this picture I was ready to get in the water and cool off.

So that is what I did! Waterskiing was a highlight for me! I want to get a big thank you to Blaine Bridgford and all of his volunteers with the You Can Ski program,

DSCF3300 - Copy - Copy - Copy - Copy - Copy

CAPTION: I was so ready to get in for the second time. I thought this was a really good picture of how the skis were engineered. Using the seat and the side skis made me feel comfortable with no worries of losing my balance.


CAPTION: Ready for takeoff!


CAPTION: I look like I was just chillin! The ride wasn’t as bumpy as I remember it being the first time! You cannot see but there are jet skis besides me if needed. The rope did come loose that was attached to the skis from the boat, and the cute men on jet skis were right there to help!

. A couple of my favorite friends also enjoyed the coolness of water skiing as well!


CAPTION: This was Lauren Taylor’s first time to waterski.  “Water skiing was definitely a freeing experience for me,” Lauren said.  “I had complete trust in the people around me, and I had just met them!”


This is actually Laura Halvorson’s, Ms. Wheelchair Texas 2014 third time to waterski. While she said she had an absolute blast, “On the way back to dry land I heard the song Don’t Stop Believin’!” Laura said. (The inspiration for the title of of this blog post!)


Who can ski?? You can ski! Even this little guy is saying, bring it on! September 7 will be another opportunity to have fun in the sun! Camp Craig Allen along with the folks at You Can Ski will be at Marine Creek in Fort Worth for a End Of The Summer Bash. Whether it is your first time to water ski or your 50th time come out and be one in the majority with a physical disability that ski’s!

This was a day that I will not soon forget! There were so many more things there to do, and of course I did not have time to fit them all in! Even though I know that there were some people that did.  I did not get there when the day began.

Rolling on for now, Stephanie