You might be a redneck if… You went to camp during May 9-11th. The weather was perfect, but it was windy which caused me to get a redneck!! It has since started peeling which is a first for me. Thanks to my grandfather who was Indian if I ever get red it just turns to tan. So I was surprised when I got home of the effects. And all I have been hearing is redneck jokes!!

About camp, it was a blast! We started out by getting our bellies full of pizza. Some went fishing while I stayed in the cabin, and had a good visit with others who decided to stay behind. Then it was off to the camp fire! We ended up celebrating with cupcakes for Laura Halvorson’s, Ms. Wheelchair Texas 2014, 30th birthday!! I remember when I was 30 seemed like yesterday, LOL!! Saturday was full of activities. After breakfast we went outside to be with Minis and Friends of North Texas!


For those of you who do not know what Minis and Friends are they are a group of caring people and horse lovers Dedicated to sharing the love and Spirit of miniature horses to all ages with physical and mental disabilities. These horses are the cutest, and just my size! The ever so sweet founder of this organization, Sharon Fuller, and a couple other volunteers brought these wonderful horses for us to be able to guide them through an obstacle course, pet, and love on them!

For more information about them for you can go to their website or you can like them on their Facebook page

Here are some of my favorite pictures from there:




DSCF3275_001 - CopyDSCF3282_001

DSCF3274_00110171695_10203499706991677_3553686700159041712_nThank you again, Sharon Fuller for giving us the opportunity to enjoy the company of Minis and Friends!

Then we got into four teams to play The Amazing Race: Wheelchair Style!! This was the first time it was played at camp. Big props goes to Jason Roberts for planning and working out details for this game. He wasn’t able to make it to camp, but we were all sending him good vibes and many thanks! There were not many pictures taken during this game, because EVERYONE was on a mission to be first! We had 7 pitstops and challenges we had to do in order to get to the final pit stop.


CAPTION: Chris and I were strategically planning how to win first place for Team BOHICA!

Team Queen (we all had team names) got first place. Guess who is on their team? My team, Team BOHICA came in third. Hey, at least we did not get last. Team Awesomeness came in second. Team Crazy Legs came in last (I like their name). We did get a picture of us all. I will send 2 of the best photos I have. It was hard to fit in everyone in, and the glare from the Windows did not help!




I will leave you for now, but I know if for some reason you missed camp this session be sure to take time August 22-24th for the next session Camp Craig Allen will be having. It is called the “MD, Reunion Camp,” but anyone with a physical disability can attend.

Rolling on for now, Stephanie