To All,
Thank you for all the love and support, thank you for every single blood, sweat and tear to help Camp Craig Allen have a successful 2013 BBQ Benefit!!!!
Thank you to the volunteers, the participants, the families, the campers, the BBQ teams…each and every one of you that worked tirelessly over the whole year to bring this event together.
Thank you to the dedicated volunteers that come to camp programs and set up hospital beds and cry at funerals when we lose a camper.
Thank you to the teams and the donors that volunteer their services of the companies and that do every single thing that may seem small, but together are HUGE!
Thank you to every email written to raise money, get auction items, and get sponsors…for each and every dollar.
Thank you to every kind word, every prayer, every hug.
Thank you for coming and supporting our mission, for believing in us and giving of your precious time.
I have always stood with the purpose to love and give, and all I have asked in return is your hearts, because everything else will come with that.
As for numbers as of 10/1/2013….We are sitting at $75,000 raised in the BBQ Benefit, and more is coming in.
To break it down, the purpose of the benefit is to ultimately BUILD a barrier free facility….but that in itself takes more than an annual BBQ benefit. The BBQ is the way to advocate for our physically disabled community. To raise the funds for current programs and services THAT WE ARE DOING TO CHANGE LIVES NOW.
Our ultimate goal is HUGE and it WILL include 50 homes, a recreational year round facility of programs (camp), and a Conference Center for Health Care services…a HUGE goal of a $54MILLION dollar project.
Our BBQ is the avenue for finding those donors that can make it happen in the big numbers.
Our BBQ is to advocate and raise money for programs that we are doing now.
Our BBQ is to bring families together for a common cause.
Our BBQ is for making a dream come true.
Every single one of YOU make this happen.
Our Non profit is 7 years old now, a huge undertaking in itself in a unstable financial economy, but we have changed lives with what we HAVE accomplished and YOU ALL make that happen….every single person, every dollar-TOGETHER!!!!!
You BEING at our event and giving of your time to our families we serve is HUGE! From my heart, and ALL OF THE FAMILIES, WE THANK YOU so much!!!!
Again, we are still in post event mode, so we will have totals per team, and all the results posted here soon.
THANK YOU, and may God shine on each of you to be the light!!!
Dawn Cruzan