Here’s the deal, y’all. I’ve really been procrastinating writing about my camp experience. I’ve been sitting here, hoping and praying for the right words to come to me. You see, camp was an experience that I just can’t begin to describe. It’s come to the point, though, that I really need to stop putting this off despite my vocabulary’s inadequacies for explaining what REALLY happens at camp.

I think a good place to start would be to describe what we did at camp, yeah? (Keep in mind, I’m a city girl who has never been to camp or camped before in my life…) Friday afternoon was check in, so we just milled around in headquarters cabin, talked, and had pizza. The highlight of the evening was probably the s’mores we made over the campfire but instead of regular chocolate, we definitely used Reese’s. OH MY GOODNESS. I am going to fight to make this a tradition. If you can’t convince yourself or someone else to come to camp, this should be the only thing they need to hear in order to come. They were that good. Saturday morning we hung out for a while in doors, thanks to the freezing weather that morning. Still, hanging out with the Craig Allen crew with nothing to do but play board games is pretty stinking fun. It helps when you have a celebrity cameo–MARK CUBAN was at another camp going on with his daughter. Photo ops definitely ensued! We also had a quick presentation from the Collin County College Nurses Program. After lunch, we went down to the lake and fished for hours upon hours. The chilliness had worn off and it ended up being beautiful weather. From there, we put on our costumes and headed to the Halloween party! Some of the aids and moms and relatives had been working tirelessly to transform the dining hall into Halloween City and it looked GREAT! We played bingo, watched a movie, ate A LOT OF CANDY and had a costume competition. Let me tell you. You’ve never seen such costume creativity as we had here! You really need to flip through the photos I’m going to attempt to attach. It’s ridiculous what some of these people came up with! The winners were:

1st place: Batgirl (Skylar); 2nd place: Noah (Justin); 3rd place: Princess Peach (Laura)

But really, everyone looked amazing!

Sunday was pretty low-key–we packed up, made haunted gingerbread houses, and began the long wait for Christmas camp..

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This was my first camp session and I had no idea what to expect. I’ll be honest with you as I was honest with them–I’ve never been a part of the disabled community. I don’t know the different types of muscular dystrophy, I don’t know anyone in a wheelchair, and I was paranoid I would offend someone by saying the wrong thing. My fears couldn’t have been more out of place. These people are amazing. Plain amazing. They welcomed little ol’ me with open arms! I’d never met 90% of these people before last weekend, yet we were all old friends within a matter of hours. There is so much love and acceptance and humor and fun that happens at camp. See, this is why I’ve been procrastinating writing this blog. Yes, these words work to describe the atmosphere of camp but they do no justice to the true immensity of how incredibly humbling the sense of fellowship and community that emanates from camp is. I can’t even begin to act like I know what it felt like for the campers and the aids because I’m sure what they took from camp is radically different from what I took from camp. From my perspective as a wee bitty, able-bodied, clueless intern, camp changed my life. I will never be the same person after witnessing how incredibly accepting a group of people can be for no reason other than to just love on one another–regardless of wheelchairs or disabilities or hair color or education level… it just doesn’t matter. It’s just about love. The end.

These sappy ramblings probably make no sense to anyone but me and I’m okay with that. I’m telling you, it’s been such a struggle trying to formulate ANYTHING to put down in cyberspace history so even this little, confusing bit is a major success for me! I guess if you don’t understand what I’m trying to say about camp, you just need to come experience it for yourself!